Ideal Bathroom Remodeling Projects For Senior Citizens


When it comes to creating a bathroom that is safe for senior citizens, it is important to keep the aspect of accessibility in mind. Senior citizens have trouble walking and finding support, and it is important for them to feel safe in the bathrooms.

If you are looking for services for bathroom remodeling in portland, or for the sake of senior citizens living with you, here are some ideal projects that you can pitch to your professional handyman.

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Shower Heads

Shower heads make for the perfect addition to any bathroom. It is easier to access for older adults and is easy to use.

The reason why it works best for senior citizens is that showerheads come with options and pre-set instructions that make bathing and cleansing easy for them.


Senior citizens need a lot of help around the house. To ensure that they are safe, you can install a walk-in tub that will eliminate the climbing part. Furthermore, it would become easier for older adults to climb out as well.

A walk-in-tub would help the senior citizens to use the bathroom without the fear of hurting themselves.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are the best accessory to have when you have a senior citizen living in your house. Installing a grab bar near the toilets or around the shower would help the senior citizens to find support. It would also eliminate the factor of them losing control when they try to stand up.

Wrapping Up

As senior citizens need support and would like the security of being safe in their bathrooms, using some accessories would help them.

Ensuring that the essential areas are accessible to people on wheelchairs and the floors aren’t too slippery, would help you to create a safe space for older adults in your house.