Techniques for Advertising That Actually Work


The world is changing constantly, and things are getting more tense and fast-paced than past years have ever seen. The attention span of the collective population has slowly dwindled as users of smartphones and computers succumb to information overload on a regular basis, which means advertising has become less effective.

Nowadays, it is necessary to get crafty with advertisements if you want them to work, and typically shorter is better. Align with using time to your advantage, there are also other techniques that can enhance the efforts of your advertising campaigns.

Color Psychology

banner stands

Color psychology can be used in several different mediums, including when designing banner stands and using print advertising to engage with your audience. Color psychology influences human behavior along with decision making and, in turn, purchasing decisions. Using color psychology when printing banners or creating posters and signage for your organization can significantly boost effectiveness and sales.

Typographic Composition

Typography is one of the most essential components of advertising, whether you are designing banner stands, logos, floor graphics, and any other advertising tool. Fonts can influence how individuals perceive the message you are conveying, which can either make your signage more or less effective. When you’re creating an advertisement, think about how fonts can be paired together to enhance visual appeal and increase focus on your message.


Less is often more, so don’t feel the need to make your advertisements stand out with a bunch of flashy colors, sparkling glitters, bold fonts, and confusing imagery. Instead, take a minimalist approach if you can and use different techniques to stand out without overwhelming your audience.

Using these three advertising design tips, your signage will engage the audience and make sure that they read your message and understand it loud and clear.